Saved by the Force: The New Class

Episode VI

Into the Rim

Having defeated the FALLEN JEDI Rav Naraan and cleansed the Dawn Temple of the taint of the Dark Side, our heroes have settled into a peaceful routine on the planet of Spintir.

HEAVY GAN has approached the party and asked for their assistance, or more specifically the use of their ship. The crew is to transport Gan’s right hand man, PINDER UKER, and his droid to a meeting with a crimelord on the planet ORD GRIMMEL….

Hethan Romund has asked the party to look into locating a fifth FORCE SENSITIVE student that has not been responding to her messages, the young Zabrak monk DAO. Seeking to kill two mynoks with one rock, the party has accepted Heavy G’s offer and heads to Ord Gimmel.


Coming out of hyperspace we were greeted by 2 Z-95’s ready for a fight. Not one to let her baby, the S-Eagle, go down without a fight, Kaveria powered up the shields and lasers as the others strapped in. Asteroids littered the space near the planet and it was a tight cat and mouse game. Pon and Belandi weren’t helping much until switching positions and letting Kaveria do the shooting, Pinder doing the repairs, and Bleep Blorp staying out of the way. With their parting, the opponents promised revenge from the “Black Sun” another day.

The S-Eagle made it to the planet only to find a baby star destroyer and a sprinkling of TIE fighters on alert. With some quick talking by Belandi, some controlled damage to the environmental controls, and piling Bleep Blorp into the cargo hold, the imperials were fooled and they were on their way to meed Garna the Hutt.

Garna was pleased with Pinder’s delivery, and in exchange for some goods and a map, She was also willing to divulge her intel on a young force sensitive Zabrak under custody. Pinder even volunteered to help break Dao out, as their goals once again coincided. Everyone prepared their gear, finalized the infiltration plan, said farewell to Bleep Blorp, and got under way.

Belandi, Pinder and Pon were able to easily walk into cell block 8 under the pretenses of a prison transfer. Pon threw one stormtrooper into a cell while the others got the prisoners free. Dao even showed his acrobatics and easily disabled 3 stormtroopers in a flurry of blows. Everything was going well until Belandi brought up the large lift. The remaining troopers began to flee as a large blue figure rose from the turbolift, striking fear into the party. Pon lit his saber and jumped into strike the figure while Pinder and the prisoners rushed the opposite way. In a blur, the figure easily parried blow, spinning around Pon and pointed his own lightsaber at Belandi’s neck. Both force-sensitives were aware this was a threat that would not be overcome by themselves, and their own fear took over. Belandi summoned all of her strength into one large force push and threw him into the wall. Sensing their opportunity, Pon and Belandi sprinted for the hanger. The blue man-monster, undeterred by a chasm explosives and a glass window fired off some blaster shots and sadly killed one of the escapees.

It looked like the end for the group, if not for Kaveria screaming in on the Spread Eagle through the hanger and dropping the ramp. Belandi rushed Pinder, Dao, Pon and the prisoners on board, while Kaveria punched it out of there. The blue inquisitor got to have one last shot off with a turbolaser, and the Eagle got clipped but was able to limp away on a successful mission!

Episode VI
CaptainBeikoku CaptainBeikoku

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