Saved by the Force: The New Class

Episode X


Hethan Romund, Dao, and Tarast have been brought to the Jedi Temple-turned Droid Factory on the planet OMERETH. They have begun to examine the VERGENCE in The Force found there.
While the mystics and monks work to unravel the temple’s mysteries, Tarast seeks to take advantage of the factories capabilities.
Meanwhile, on the planet SPINTIR, questionable ally PINDER UNKER attempts to make contact with the party once again….


“Heavy is the Gan…”

Our heroes boarded Kaveri’s ship, leaving Pon’s newfound relic (he named the Night Ratchet") to continue to charge from a reserviced gonk, and returned to Spintir and the Thirsty Mynock for a rendezvous with Pinder. There they discovered that Heavy Gan had taken them on as workers with prevailing wages, benefits TBD later. Pinder had secured a job for the heroes to journey to Ryloth and deliver a shipment of unknown goods to his “client.” Right before liftoff in the S-eagle, Heavy Gan threw in a wrinkle, a big wrinkle. Heavy Gan decided to join the crew instead of Pinder. Everyone agreed to risk the imperial route for a faster delivery, possibly earning some extra income, when they were surprised on their hyperspace route by an imperial checkpoint. Always quick with an answer, Belandi worked her best impersonations and with a well-drafted manifest, the party was able to escape.

As they made it to Ryloth in record time, the crew was rewarded 2000 credits upon delivery and had a little time for themselves. Pon went about touring the locale, while Belandi went shopping with her newfound riches, and went straight into the grenade store.
Even having completed a run with no “imperial interventions,” Gan was despondant. He took off to the lowestr levels of the undercity bars and Kaveri decided top follow him. It turns out his brother previously owned the bar as well. Imperials on the planet had their way around things it seemed, and even though they were not as welcome here in the underlevels, they still maintained a presence on their downtime heckling and abusing the local Twi’leks. Gan reached his limit when an officer hit the bartender and knocked her down, leading to a large-scale full-blown brawl. Kaveri went straight to aimed mug-shots at imperial heads, while Belandi had just met the group and tried to pull everyone out. Pon found his way there and immediately went about knocking heads, feeling immensely more comfortable using his fists. As the melee continued, the heroes each had to step in to help Gan to his feet and retreat before the rest of the garrison arrived. Still feeling down, Gan’s spirits were uplifted after a speech from Kaveri.

The Eagle was unpacked and the party was ready to leave. For the return route, the group took the less-traveled route of smuggler’s run. Halfway home and reprogramming the navicomputer, a distress signal was detected. Someone was under attack! Kaveri turned hard into action-mode and Pon, Belandi and Gan strapped in for some space combat! The crew had seen these raider-types before. The aggressor ships were marked as the black sun. This recognition didn’t deter any of the heroes, and they fought off the raiders without leaving any survivors. A more moral Jedi may have felt conflicted, but not this crew. The rescued smugglers were caught mid-run with a shipment of expensive spice for an important certain Tatooine-based Hutt. The heroes were offered a reward, but instead requested that they not be paid and asked for a good word be put in to their former employer Garna. Having saved the ship and their wallets, the smugglers were only too happy to comply. Even Gan cracked a smile for the good deeds he was doing. All that was left was to punch it back to Spintir…

Episode X

You, my friend, may have 2xp.

Episode X
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