Saved by the Force: The New Class

Episode V

The Return of Rav Naraan

Our heroes rushed from the Dawn Temple in an attempt to stop fleeing mobs of prisoners from descending on three unsuspecting targets: the PCs own vessel, the village of Frostwall, and caves formerly sealed by the PCs that contained a VERGENCE in the Force.

After almost having the ship hijacked and discovering that the Force Caves are still active and receptive to the Dark Side, the group arrived at Frostwall village in time to narrowly save the villagers from any harm, and fled immediately quickly having discovered that the jailbreak was actually a ruse! Ex-Jedi knight and general Rav Naraan had remained in the Dawn Temple the entire time, cloaking his presence and hoping to take vengeance on the holocrons that had imprisoned him over the long years.

Over the course of a tense battle, Kaveri was critically wounded, almost losing use of her left arm. Tarast gained control of sentry turrets and stasis traps to help even the odds, while Belaandi overcame her inborn pacifism to stand strong against the offers of Naraan and face him down rather than allow him to escape without conflict. Battered but ultimately victorious, the party now pauses to ask themselves, “Where do we go from here?”


CaptainBeikoku CaptainBeikoku

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