Saved by the Force: The New Class

Episode XIV
Double (Double?) Crossed!

Still mourning the loss of their Mentor, Hethan Romund, the heroes have come to Taris on a mission from Heavy Gan. With the promise of income and the need to go into hiding off the imperial map, it was the perfect mission. They had barely stepped off their ship before trouble found them. Hondo, the quick talking trader and contact for their delivery, had run afoul of his deal to the local scum and villainy. With weapons drawn, Pinder, Kaveri, Belandi, and Pon entered to defend him before their judgement could get the better of them. It wasn’t long before the enemies took advantage of the heroes still smarting from their last engagement. Soon both Kaveri and Pon were bloodied and Belandi had collateral pet murder on her conscience. With great difficulty, the mercenaries were finally beaten or sent running, and Hondo was none the worse for the experience.

Despite a poor showing as bodyguards Hondo still had a secret trade he needed to secure and was willing to pay for transit and protection to complete it. As a token of goodwill he even gifted Pon with a new prosthetic arm! Why did it glow though? Reluctantly, they accepted and after some upgrading and shopping, were ready on board the HWK. once aboard, Hondo input his secret coordinates and they were off.

Leaving hyperspace the party was greeted by large, volatile asteroids and wreckage of previous ships trying to ply the passage. Thanks to some excellent flying and showmanship by Kaveri, they made passage safely to the target: A massive freighter scored by previous conflict and collateral damage from the barabian ore all around. After disembarking Hondo was greeted by more unsavory folk, unfortunately they were none other than the Black Sun Mercenaries! Already being in their crosshairs, Bleandi, Kaveri and Pon all tugged their hoods down a little more over their faces and awaited the trade. Hondo revealed that he was selling none other than OBI-WAN KENOBI’s lightsaber (actually Anakin’s). how he found it they didn’t know, but it pulled to each one of them separately. Unable to do anything though, they waited while Hondo revealed part 2 of the sale, 3 wanted persons that just happened to be with him. With a push of a button, Hondo activated Pon’s arm and discharged a stun blast to knock all of them out! “So sorry my friends, it’s just good beezinuss” was all they could hear before losing consciousness…

Hondo had betrayed them! Sitting in the cell of the freighter brig, Kaveri had noticed something clinging to Belandi’s headdress. It was the same controller Hondo had earlier! What it was for the heroes soon found out it commanded the sold droid still in the hanger. After some configuring and adjustments, Belandi soon had access to a map of the freighter and the droid on its way to rescue everyone. The droid quickly dispatched the guards to smoking carcasses and after a brief showdown at the barracks, the heroes were finally on a transport off and escaping to freedom. The Black Suns would soon realize they were short a few snub fighters and guards (thanks to some nifty grenade-ing). Hondo was still at “the nice place to meet in case anything happens,” proving he had planned this whole con all along, leaving the heroes incensed, injured, and on the run but at least with their ship and gear and some needed credits earned. What Hondo had planned for Pon, Belandi, and Kaveri in the future no one could guess or sense…

Episode X

Hethan Romund, Dao, and Tarast have been brought to the Jedi Temple-turned Droid Factory on the planet OMERETH. They have begun to examine the VERGENCE in The Force found there.
While the mystics and monks work to unravel the temple’s mysteries, Tarast seeks to take advantage of the factories capabilities.
Meanwhile, on the planet SPINTIR, questionable ally PINDER UNKER attempts to make contact with the party once again….

Episode IX

Our heroes have returned to SPINTIR having escaped the Imperial dragnet on Ord Gimmel. REBEL SPY Pinder Unkka replaced Spread Eagle’s transponder, allowing the group to return home safely with Hethan’s valued cargo, the Zabrak Monk Dao in custody.

Despite the return to safety within the walls of the Dawn Temple, the group’s actions on Ord Grimmel have cast a shadow of doubt over the group’s future.

Having decided the lay low for the time being, our heroes begin to learn the true nature of Dao and what he was actually doing in an Imperial Prison on Ord Gimmel….

Episode VII

Our heroes have succeeded in freeing their fellow student of Hethan Romund, the young Zabrak DAO, as well as a group of Rebel agents being held prisoner on the world of Ord Gimmel.

However, the SPREAD EAGLE was identified during the daring escape and an Imperial dragnet has prevented the group from fleeing the system and returning to Spintir.

Ally and known rebel agent, Pinder Ukka, has suggested that perhaps their mutual acquaintance GARNA THE HUTT may be able to help the fugitives evade capture and flee the system in secret. He has arranged a meeting at Garna’s establishment, THE ORANGE LADY….

Episode VI
Into the Rim

Having defeated the FALLEN JEDI Rav Naraan and cleansed the Dawn Temple of the taint of the Dark Side, our heroes have settled into a peaceful routine on the planet of Spintir.

HEAVY GAN has approached the party and asked for their assistance, or more specifically the use of their ship. The crew is to transport Gan’s right hand man, PINDER UKER, and his droid to a meeting with a crimelord on the planet ORD GRIMMEL….

Hethan Romund has asked the party to look into locating a fifth FORCE SENSITIVE student that has not been responding to her messages, the young Zabrak monk DAO. Seeking to kill two mynoks with one rock, the party has accepted Heavy G’s offer and heads to Ord Gimmel.

Episode V
The Return of Rav Naraan

Our heroes rushed from the Dawn Temple in an attempt to stop fleeing mobs of prisoners from descending on three unsuspecting targets: the PCs own vessel, the village of Frostwall, and caves formerly sealed by the PCs that contained a VERGENCE in the Force.

After almost having the ship hijacked and discovering that the Force Caves are still active and receptive to the Dark Side, the group arrived at Frostwall village in time to narrowly save the villagers from any harm, and fled immediately quickly having discovered that the jailbreak was actually a ruse! Ex-Jedi knight and general Rav Naraan had remained in the Dawn Temple the entire time, cloaking his presence and hoping to take vengeance on the holocrons that had imprisoned him over the long years.

Over the course of a tense battle, Kaveri was critically wounded, almost losing use of her left arm. Tarast gained control of sentry turrets and stasis traps to help even the odds, while Belaandi overcame her inborn pacifism to stand strong against the offers of Naraan and face him down rather than allow him to escape without conflict. Battered but ultimately victorious, the party now pauses to ask themselves, “Where do we go from here?”

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